The challenge of granting

Each year Free Rivers Fund receives more grant applications than the previous year. This year we received 34 applications! The applications are very diverse and come from all over the world. Some come from large NGOs that have existed for … Read More

Let’s start a year of action

What is your year 2018 going to be like? We will be out there, go kayaking, swim in the river, hike mountains, sit next to the fire and enjoy nature. But we will also do all we can to preserve … Read More

Join today!

Today, on the 20th International Day of Action for Rivers, we are proud to announce that the Free Rivers Fund is now registered as a non-profit organisation and ready to receive support! You find details on how to contribute here. … Read More

Free Rivers Fund is live

Free Rivers Fund is super excited to be up and running, or paddling. Now is a crucial time for free flowing rivers with activists fighting the construction of new dams around the world. We look forward to bringing as many … Read More