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    for an Emergency Grant

Free Rivers Fund's aim is to help small initiatives and we especially want to get them started. This is why we were never completely satisfied with our concept of having only one application phase per year. What, if someone had to kick off a project, say, in August? But thanks to the large support we received in 2019, we were now able to set up a fund for urgent action projects.

So, from 2020 on we offer our new "Emergency Grant". Everyone can apply for it with just an e-mail - all year round.
The purpose is to help initiatives that have just formed in order to prevent a dam. In other words, the grant's target group is way smaller than that of our 'regular' grants and we've set up some rules:


You can apply, if

  • your project aims at direct action against a proposed dam.
  • your project is new.
  • your project is run by a single person, a group or a newly formed organisation. If you are an established organisation, then please stick to the regular application period.

You cannot apply, if

  • you applied with your project for a 'regular' FRF grant before.
  • it's not direct action. We will not be granting media projects (films, photo exhibitions, etc.), general science (if a particular study is needed in the context of a direct action campaign, then that's possible) or education projects.
  • it's a dam removal campaign. With that please apply for a regular grant in October.
  • the purpose of the project is anything other then the prevention of a dam.

    Contact us!

    To apply, please send us an e-mail summarising your issue.

    Also, if you have any questions, please get in touch!