Free Rivers Fund goes French!

France is an important destination for kayakers: from the steep runs in Jura, over the Haute Alps with the wonderful Durance valley, to the creeks in the Pyrenees and with endless beautiful scenery for river touring. Unfortunately, this majestic natural … Read More

Emergency Grant

This year, we managed to set up an ‘Emergency Grant’. The Free Rivers Fund’s aim is to help small grassroots initiatives as unbureaucratic and straightforward as possible. Having experienced ourselves how time and energy consuming the application processes of grants … Read More

Grantees 2020

Last year we have granted projects from different parts in the world. This year, applications came again from all over the planet with a large number of applications from the Balkans. Most projects are new initiatives, but we also continue … Read More

The challenge of granting

Each year Free Rivers Fund receives more grant applications than the previous year. This year we received 34 applications! The applications are very diverse and come from all over the world. Some come from large NGOs that have existed for … Read More

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