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Free Rivers Fund

The world’s rivers are under a greater pressure than ever before. With a tsunami of hydro developments proposed across Europe from the Balkans to the Welsh Mountains this threat to our environment is being brought closer to home than ever before.

Across globe dedicated kayaker led activist groups are fighting for free flowing rivers, fighting hydro power that would drain the life from our rivers and the sport we all love.

Activist groups cannot operate on their own, although voluntarily staffed by dedicated individuals they needs funds and support. For advertising, web hosting, logistics and the commissioning of specialist help both legal and scientific. Many existing activists struggle to find the vital funds they need and others struggle to get started in this desperate fight against governments and multinationals.

Free Rivers Fund will partner the paddlesport industry and river community with the activists on the ground. As a registered non-profit organization it will supply grant funding to the NGOs fighting to keep our rivers flowing free. Distributing much needed funding to the actions and campaigns that will have the greatest impact and are in the greatest need. These grants will enable the campaigns, demonstrations and legal battles required to protect our last untouched rivers.

Free Rivers Fund is founded by WET - Wildwasser Erhalten Tirol, Balkan Rivers Tour and Save the Conwy with representatives your company can deal with in Austria, Slovenia and the UK. Please get in touch to discuss the different ways you can become our partners and carry the Free Rivers Fund trademarked logo linking your company to river protection and a dam free world.

Free Rivers Fund partners the paddlesport industry with river protection activists to provide funding for those fighting to keep our rivers dam free.

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Funding moved to Vrbas river campaign

The CZZS  Centar za životnu sredinu / Center for Environment approached us with infos about their Ugar canyon project which is supported by the Free Rivers Fund this year. The plans for new hydro power plants in Ugar canyon (Bosnia … Read More

Kayaker to conservationist

by Rob Litherland – Save Our Rivers To act requires a trauma: a realisation that something you hold close is going to be trampled on, or taken, poisoned or broken. And from this trauma grows doubt: who will be there to … Read More

Ready to save your river?

We hope you are out kayaking this season, have some smooth lines, boof the shit out of it and enjoy life with your friends.And we wonder: have you come across your next river saving project? How are your favourite rivers? … Read More

Joining Chasing Aphrodite Kayak Extreme Race on Corsica

We joined the 3rd Chasing Aphrodite Kayak Extreme Race in April to be part of the kayaking season start in Europe, meet kayakers from many different nations and make new friends. The race takes place every year at Fium Orbo … Read More

Let’s start a year of action

What is your year 2018 going to be like? We will be out there, go kayaking, swim in the river, hike mountains, sit next to the fire and enjoy nature. But we will also do all we can to preserve … Read More

Supported Projects 2018

Last week we decided which projects the Free Rivers Fund will support in 2018. The choice fell on two very important and interesting projects which we can support with our budget. We want to thank all organisations which sent their … Read More

Join today!

Today, on the 20th International Day of Action for Rivers, we are proud to announce that the Free Rivers Fund is now registered as a non-profit organisation and ready to receive support! You find details on how to contribute here. … Read More

Free Rivers Fund is live

Free Rivers Fund is super excited to be up and running, or paddling. Now is a crucial time for free flowing rivers with activists fighting the construction of new dams around the world. We look forward to bringing as many … Read More

PADDLEexpo 2016 Nuremburg Germany.

PADDLEexpo sees the launch of the Free Rivers Fund by river protection NGOs; WET – Wildwasser Erhalten Tirol, Balkans River Tour and Save the Conwy . Following great support from the paddlesport industry Free Rivers Fund will be up and running … Read More

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