Ready to save your river?

We hope you are out kayaking this season, have some smooth lines, boof the shit out of it and enjoy life with your friends.
And we wonder: have you come across your next river saving project?
How are your favourite rivers? Are they all save?

We, for instance, have spent some time kayaking in Norway, the country of whitewater. Almost all Norwegian electricity is generated by hydro power plants. One might think that there is not much more to take from the rivers, but even here in Norway the building continues. On our trip we have come across newly dammed rivers and drove past construction sites. A mighty canyon we were still kayaking last year is dry now, no water left to paddle here.

Aren't it the kayakers who know their rivers best? Who know why it's so very worth fighting for free flowing rivers?

So start your action! No matter where in the world your river flows, take care of it!
Yes, and in case you need some money for that: apply for funding.
Our infos on how to apply this year will go online October 1st. Until then, check out the great projects we were honoured to co-operate with this year. Take a look at the supporters 2018 to know where our money comes from. And never hesitate to get in touch if you have suggestions and ideas or any question.