Ekološki-Pokret Donja Bukovica

It’s time to officially introduce the project Ekološki-Pokret Donja Bukovica to you!


In the municipality of Savnik, Montenegro, locals are fighting against mini hydro power plants on one of the cleanest rivers of the Balkan. The projects ‘Bukovica 1’ und ‘Bukovica 2’ are threatening the ecosystem of this region. As the water of the Bukovica river is rated A1, it’s the habitat to endemic species, that are depenend on consistent water and temperature levels.


In order to keep these waters flowing freely, Montenegrin citizens formed the “NVO Ekološki-Pokret Donja Bukovica” and are fighting for an unspoilt nature and free flowing Bukovica river.


In the past, the movement put up protests and gained attraction in the media.

Recently, the investors have started to  build an access road to the river, in order to be able to start their construction work with heavy machines .

So for the last month, the locals have been standing guard in the fields day and night to stop  the machines from starting the construction of the first dam.


On June 14th representatives of all parties involved will come together to discuss the future of the Bukovica river. The conference is also open to the public and will be held in the council of Savnik.


For more Information, please contact:

Marija Vemic


Facebook: www.facebook.com/NVO-Ekolo%C5%A1ki-Pokret-Donja-Bukovica-251352465798059/